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The products we carry are highly artistic and are inspired by cultures across the globe, and feature distinctive mosaic and plaster pieces, elegant embellishments, and sophisticated whimsy. Our products are not only functional but also art collectibles

Mosaic Candle Holders

We hand cut each mosaic piece to compose creative patterns with interesting stories, and they are functional for holding candles, plants or pen and pencils. Various sizes and custom designs are available.

Mosaic Vases

Vases are 6-7 inches tall with 4.5 to 11-inch diameters to serve as a vessel to your flowers. Custom service is available.

Mosaic Trays

Trays are available in round, rectangle and square shapes with mosaic patterns, and wood or copper bases. Unique designs accompany your tea time to present your unique style.  

Plaster Wall Art by Siraya - Collection

Plaster Décor

Plasters of 5-inch diameters with different colored bases are used to display faux floral arrangements set on cork. Each design includes a positive message (wording)to create a home accent not only to decorate your home but also to deliver encouraging vibes.  

Canvas Wall Décor

16-inch round canvas displaying faux flowers presented in varying themes for different occasions and holidays. Send us a request with your favorite flowers, and we will create a custom arrangement for you.