About Siraya

Siraya Lifestyle Photo of Mosaic Tray in Bedroom

Story of The Brand

Siraya is the name of an almost-forgotten aboriginal tribe in Asia. It took more than two decades for its indigenous people to revive and enable its distinctive language, culture and art. Nowadays, people of this tribe retain traditional methods for cuisine and artworks, while simultaneously blending modern technologies into their life to continue creating agricultural and décor products. Inspired by this story, we have adopted Siraya as our brand name to represent our core value and business concept. We highly value authentic, creative and handmade items, which we bring to the market.

We Offer Solutions for Your Home and Business

Just moved in to a modern condo, and need some contemporary decorations to embellish the space? Or do you own a house, and like to glorify the interior with original handcrafted items? Are you a staging company owner or interior designer, looking for high-quality décor to showcase? Or perhaps you run a gift shop and home accent store, and are in need of unique and creative products to grow your business? We understand your needs and what is missing from the current market. We design innovative, aesthetic, and distinctive home décor products to fulfill your needs.

Various and Unique Choices

Frequently we hear from buyers and customers at exhibitions that it is challenging to find handmade home décor with fine designs, as manufactured products overwhelm the market. It is also difficult to discover home décor with certain patterns for specific business purposes. For example, it could be for an event with a required theme. Our current product lines cover mosaic candleholders, plant containers, vases, and trays, as well as plaster wall décor and floral décor. All products we carry are handmade, original designs. Patterns cross different themes, from East to West, from mandala to Zen, from spring to winter, and from Easter to Christmas.

Mosaics by Siraya - Production Process 10

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Based on the principle materials (mosaic, plaster and canvas) we can customize home décor products according to your desired patterns and dimensions. We consistently launch new designs every month, and you will receive instant updates from newsletters.

Bring The World to Your Home

Founders of Siraya travel extensively for both business and leisure purposes and see unique home décor designed by artists all over the world. Many of those products are not available in the US. While house hunting for themselves , founders of Siraya attended many open houses and discovered that characteristic home décor is in high demand, particularly decor  with exotic and authentic patterns. Personal interest combined with our sense of market trends, and now we design and make products composed of diverse Eastern and Western cultures. We bring the world to your home.